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The new Album "Neck Out" by Harrisonburg, Virgina based artist ZOOANZOO will be released on vinyl via Cologne located label BEAU TRAVAIL (PISSE, TICS,...) on the 27th of July. LAGOM AUDIO/VISUAL from Brooklyn, NY will release a tape version of it.

Kids, who can be both fairies and ruthless kappas at that stage in life, would yell, “ZOO!” as to twist-jab their fingers into my side, after seeing initials scribbled on my backpack, CLASSIC. hah. So I turned it around, now that I’m “older?”, I identify with Zoo more than my birth name. “Zooanzoo” came from the twins I’m realizing lately, Gemini, the two minds in one mind, a lot of the songs that are created through me have two souls in them, the album has that dichotomy, a tender, awfully sensitive side, that wants to heal, and hold, make love and recognize our mortal vulnerabilities… the other side is a loud mouth, growling the twisted gospel, rather spit acid than drink OJ, vulgar, over the top, hound toothed, bat eyed, demon bb. So it’s Zooanzoo, Zoo for short, get it?

The message, “Neck Out”, that moment your spirit may evaporate, or explode from pure honesty and vulnerability, to strip away the skin, the sensation, of being naked, exposing yourself to the sun, or judgement, peeking from the shell, taking those risks. It’s what drives humanity along, it’s what carries this album. For awhile I’ve talked to friends about this fear:: having to dilute an idea in a series of hieroglyphs in order for something to translate, or to be accessible, digestible and struggling with how I wish we could all shatter that looking glass, and speak without the cross-chatter interrupting our unconditional thoughts. I wanted to commit myself to that with this album, or at least try my hardest.

Most of the tracks have been experimented with on stage for the past couple of years, see where the energy takes us, then bring it into the “studio”, I’ve sort of always gone with that formula. My recording setup + gear has been the same for close to a decade, just out of necessity. Finding new ways to use old/basic/hand-me-down machines is what makes electronic music a magical thing, keeps us humble. But I’ve got great friends who help make the songs sound so very full of life, both sonically and spiritually. Sprit Bear (Josh Hebdon) being one of them, as my other half. We’ve been playing music together for a decade now, so when we went to record his drums at Hotel Appalachia with Eric Shy, things felt like they were aligning in this event horizon way. Also featured on the album is Kaleel J. Moore, who is a master saxophonist, we had a quick session before he left town. Once that was complete, Cyrus Fisher, who runs Lagom Audio/Visual, and is co-releasing the album on cassette, mastered the album, which is now being pressed into vinyl courtesy of Beau Travail based in Germany.

Impossible, but ok, this answer changes every day, but ok, right this second it’s mainly miniscule parts of social interactions, really small things, the way and rhythm of how we all speak, or catching how eyes look when they question what's behind it all, that wonder, there’s a character in Octavia Butler’s book, Parable of the Sower, that has this “disease” - hyper-empathy - and actually bleeds when someone else bleeds, I’ve been connecting to that character recently, which is exhausting, on the other end Suehiro Maruo’s/Junji Ito’s artwork has been inspiring lately, I sneak samples of my niece in a lot of my music, a child’s mind as an endless well. I tend to draw musical inspiration from non-musical things? Living is enough, death is an influence too, all? Can you just say all? All…

Sometimes I wonder if it any of that matters, more worried about humanity lasting longer than a hundred years or even ending in my lifetime... but I go back and forth between focusing on music as a way to leave behind a legacy for future beings to appreciate, and as a way to transcend into the present, THE moment, some call it “God”, I do some days, either vein usually leaves you with a content mind. I’d much rather share moments of mutual appreciation, where we all give each other a chance to listen/speak, as if we’re all already dead. “Appreciate ya like ya dead, cutie, I really do.” If something I create helps another person, get through the weight that can become so dizzy/uzumaki and overbearing sometimes, that’s more than enough.

Maybe!? WE ALL GOD!? ;)

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