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Der mit goldenen Schallplatten ausgezeichnete, deutsche Produzent (K.I.Z, Kraftklub, Prinz Pi) und Musiker (WassBass) Grzegorz Olszowka zeigt sich auf seinem Solo-Debut-Album "33" selbstbewußt von einer etwas anderen Seite. Greifbare Pop- und HipHop Strukturen werden zerpflückt und gepaart mit Alternative-, und Industrial Elementen neu arrangiert. Als Studio-Drummer holte sich Grzegorz den Berliner Schlagzeuger Paul Seidel (Casper, The Ocean, WFAHM) ins Boot. Die restlichen Instrumente spielte Grzegorz selber ein. Präzises Drumming trifft hier auf experimentelle Pop-Strukturen, die aufgesplittet in zehn Tracks eine enorme Vielseitigkeit präsentieren.

Grzegorz Olszowka is a singer, songwriter and producer. He runs his own studio in Berlin and has been awarded 4 gold records for his work with artists such as K.I.Z, Kraftklub, and Prinz Pi. He was born in Poland and raised in Germany, where he has been living for 30 years. He has worked and lived in Los Angeles and France. Grzegorz recently released a video for the track "I've Lost My Friends To Cocaine" which immediately reached more than 130 000 videoplays.

Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Everybody's gonna die. Come watch TV. Grzegorz begins his album "33" with these words and asks us to follow him on his quest for the last sparks of hope in our lost world. A biographical journey which feels like one last push against a life of disappointments. As in the 1980s, with nuclear extinction being a very real threat to the world and the imaginations of its people, we are again at the edge of an abyss today. This feeling is at the root of "33". Grzegorz is looking for answers to the question if we should just let go and embrace the numbing depression or try one last time, this time with everything we've got.

Synth-sounds dominate the album and influences from Depeche Mode to Tears for Fears are evident. The sound texture's melancholy occasionally breaks open with explosions of extreme blast-beats. The overall mood is reminiscent of older Nine Inch Nails and Type O Negative records. All these influences are apparent, yet Grzegorz manages to create something unique. Above everything floats Grzegorz voice: At times whispering in hope, then screaming for his life. Changing from angel-like choirs to infernal screams of accusation. Grzegorz has written, produced and recorded the album entirely on his own. Paul Seidel (Casper, The Ocean, War From A Harlots Mouth) played the drums, Grzegorz played everything else. An acoustic version of the album, titled "32", is also available for those of faint heart or quieter taste.

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