L TWILLS - [Freedom/Fiction]

Foto Credit: Almuth Anders

Release: 20 February 2020
LP, Digital
L TWILLS is an emerging solo artist, currently based in Germany. Her Debut Album [Freedom/Fiction] will be released through Misitunes (Lafote, Bürgermeister der Nacht) on the 20th of feb 2020.

L TWILLS just shared the Video for the Track Antigone's Dream. Watch It At This Location.

 [Freedom/Fiction] is a beguiling collection of rough-edged experimental pop that, although maybe shaped by the artist’s formative upbringing in Hamburg and its arts scene, is rich with the influence of Los Angeles – the city where it was largely recorded. It combines different influences from Experimental pop, Techno, Breakbeat, TripHop zu Spoken Word. Inbetween performance, fiction and storytelling recurring motives are the desert, dryness, heat, flesh, the loss and return of hope and an irritation of sanity and madness.

The dystopian feel to the record, from track titles such as In Memoriam to Identity and L.A. [Automatic Subject pt2], to the harsh programmed beats and industrial squall of the synths, reflects the decay of the city and the surrounding desert.

L Twills chameleonic voice is constantly changing and moving throughout the music, it adapts and evolve to the structures that she’s created around herself. She goes from the soaring, swooping melodies – as on Antigone’s Dream – to abrasive spoken-word on M.A.S.T.E.R.S and stream-of-conscience like utterances on Dear Grace.
Thematically, then, L Twills isn’t to bed things down too tightly – a suitable aim from an artist who has spent their life so far moving in both mind and body, allowing themselves to constantly add more questions to their practice. [Freedom/Fiction] is a stunning first answer.
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 Tour dates (GAS):
14/02/2020 Mancini, Lüneburg
20/02/2020 Release Show at Ramona Records, Hamburg
24/06/2020 Fusion Festival
31/07/2020 Off the Radar Festival, Hof Ovendorf/Negenharrie
01/08/2020 Vogelball, Hamburg





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