Foto Credit: Riley Hebdon

Release: 21 August 2020
Funny / Not Funny Records
Tape, Digital
Magister Ludi (ex Zooanzoo) recorded their debut album, “Deep Fakes” direct to a reel to reel tape machine as a raw and unfiltered first impression in the multiverse. The album sounds like some amalgamation of the underbelly; the morphing phantom that growls loudly, but will read you a story to sleep.  Honest, and tender at times, the sound cries and crawls and attempts to capture the moment you face the creature. On this album you will find 10 tracks that take you from wailing gravely vocals over poppy, twangy hooks, to grungy downtempo jams sung with melancholy charm, topped off with a solid crescendo of noise.  It might have parts that come out of left field, but they will blast through your eardrums and solidly embed themselves in your brain for a long time to come!

Listen to Magister Ludi's "Deep Fakes" in its entirety At This Location. Feel Free to spread the word. The band's debut Full-Length is released today through Funny / Not Funny Records. Recorded at Cerveza Course by Danny Gibney.

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Magister Ludi
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