MONO & A.A. WILLIAMS - Exit In Darkness

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(digital EP): 13 December 2019 / (10“ vinyl): 24 January 2020
Pelagic Records
10" vinyl / Digital

Listen To the  "Winter Lights" Single Here

Firmly placed as both progenitor and progressor within their field, MONO is like no other artist - visceral, engrossing and showing no signs of decay after two decades spent creating waves of beautiful and expansive rock music. Many an artist lays claim to setting the template - or many have this claim placed upon them - but this Japanese artist has long-since simply set their own template. Listening to MONO is like entering another world, where the majesty of the noise embraces you and the delicacy of the space around it breathes warmly in your ear.

"I wanted to portray a world like a soul leaving the body and getting purified. When Alex put her vocals in, prayer was born in silence."  Taka / Mono
 "An exploration of ambient textures, Winter Light nods to both to contemporary classical minimalism and electronic composers such as Brian Eno. The voice is treated as an instrument, layered atop      slowly shifting clouds of intricately formed harmonies and      delicate movement. Gradually becoming enveloped in the      arrangement, it finally disappears into the warmth and optimism of the final chords.”   - A.A. Williams

"New music from MONO is always a good thing. But for their new EP, Exit In Darkness, the Japanese post-metal outfit have teamed up with the brilliant A.A. Williams to create something uniquely beautiful." Kerrang!

Release Details:

PEL 142: MONO & A.A. WILLIAMS – „Exit In Darkness“ 
AVAILABLE FORMATS: 10“ vinyl / digital

Release Dates:
(lead single): November 29, 2019
(digital EP): December 13,2019
(10“ vinyl): January 24, 2020

A.A. Williams came from nowhere. An EP arrived in January 2019, and a debut show at the prestigious Roadburn Festival three months later confirmed what this first taste of music had suggested: this is a special artist. The woman in black: one arm aloft after the delicate yet decisive strum of a chord, a stillness in the room focused on the graceful soaring of a unique voice. To arrive so fully formed is a feat in itself; to take the audience's breath away with such immediacy is something else entirely.
As soon as MONO’s Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto heard the music of A.A. Williams, an unwavering resonance was triggered. For A.A. Williams, the appreciation was emphatically mutual. A musical connection developed into a collaboration; introductions were made, ideas exchanged. At the end of MONO’s 2019 summer tour, these ideas were committed to tape in London and the result is ‘Exit in Darkness’ - a mesmeric coming together of two artists from opposite ends of the globe whose creative approach could not have melded more eloquently.

SIDE A: 1. Exit In Darkness SIDE B: 2. Winter Light

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