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Release: 31 July 2020
This Charming Man Records
CD, LP, Digital
WG gesucht” is the new single from German Polit-Punks Pogendroblem. Now playing at OX Fanzine, the tune comes off the band’s "Ich - Wir" (the compilation of the concept EP "Ich - Wir" and a retrospective of the debut EP "raus") full-length. The album will be released via This Charming Man Records on July 31.

Watch POGENDROBLEM's "WG Gesucht" at Ox Fanzine At This Location.

From the province to the moped and then into the big city - Pogendroblem make their way from Bergisch Gladbach, Germany into the interior of the metropolitan region. Free and likewise lost between pubs and competence marathons in public transport and private political circumstances; the bad life is to be savoured in to the max.

Their music is said to be a pinch of 80’s D-Punk, a little Hamburger Schule with noise-garage and some added pop cuteness. The private is political, but the private can also be boring. "Ich - Wir" (the compilation of the concept EP "Ich - Wir" and a retrospective of the debut EP "raus") deals with the relationship between individuality and collectivity in the current late capitalism. The big and small questions of the social, of the ways of relating to each other are not only explored by the titles "Ich", "Wir", "Wg-gesucht" and "Foucault im Großraumbüro", but also by the tour documentary "pogendroblem in search of utopia", which uses numerous interviews, the knowledge, ideas and utopias of other musicians* in the scene. Be part of it: Akne Kid Joe, Deutsche Laichen, Mülheim Asozial, HC Baxxter, Finisterre and many others.
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""With the great variety of records and bands from This Charming Man Records, it’s always exciting to see another offering from its roster. Today, we’re pleased to unveil the newest song from German punk band POGENDROBLEM, bringing in a pinch of 80’s D-Punk, a little Hamburger Schule with noise-garage and some added pop cuteness. Their newest offering “Ich – Wir” (the compilation of the concept EP “Ich – Wir” and a retrospective of the debut EP “raus”) deals with the relationship between individuality and collectivity in the current late capitalism" Idioteq.com 

In the case you missed it: Listen To POGENDROBLEM's "Ich" only at Idioteq.com At This Location.

Adds the band: "The song “Ich” is intended to reflect the conflicts between the individual and the meritocracy, as well as the rejection of right-wing, conservative and capitalist norms and values as a factor in personal development.” 

+++Documentary Info:
"Auf der Suche nach der Utopie" (engl. "In search of utopia") is a documentary movie (with English subs) that follows the band into the German-speaking DIY punk scene, asking bands (Akne Kid Joe, Deutsche Laichen, HC Baxxter, Mülheim Aoszial and Finisterre and more), bookers, organizers, zined and label people etc. about their utopian ideas.

Accompany pogendroblem into mysterious spaces and the banality of touring. See the unwashed kids waiting, eating, preparing, driving and sleeping. But watch out! There are also a number of daring stunts (extreme) and vegan recipes.

Watch the entire short-movie/documentation (with English subs) via YouTube At This Location and listen to the opening track via prettyinnoise.de Here. 


"Eine Band grob einzuordnen, die sich pogendroblem nennt, fällt nicht sonderlich schwer – Deutscher Punk ist die naheliegende Antwort und durchaus richtig. Angereichert mit etwas Noise, Garagen-Charme und einer Spur Hamburger Schule formt sich auf der neuen Doppel-EP Ich-Wir der Mittelfinger in Richtung Gesellschaft und Konvention quasi von allein."  prettyinnoise.de
Watch Pogendroblem's Video for the track "Wir" at VISIONS Magazin At This Location.
The single "Wir" is also the soundtrack of the film. Included on the record as a text booklet are specially conceptualized educational materials for utopian workshops, long conversations in shared flats or after-hour philosophical contemplation.
On the B-side, the debut EP "raus" is available on vinyl for the first time.
FFO: Mülheim Asozial, EA80, Krank, Novotny TV
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