AGABAS – A Hate Supreme

Relase Date: September 16th, 2023
Label: Vinter Records (LP/Digital)

Deathjazz! AGABAS Unleashes Gut-Punching Jazz-Fused Heaviness With New Single “Evneveik”. Premiered via IDIOTEQ.COM.Watch the Video RIGHT HERE. ‘A Hate Supreme’ Album To Drop September 16th via VINTER RECORDS; FFO: Meshugga, Gojira, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Shining

Photo Credit: Ole Martin Andreassen

“Agabas’s journey represents a unique dance of musical styles, with metal and jazz engaging in a passionate tango, spiraling into the sonic abyss and leaving a trail of vibrant, auditory chaos.” Idioteq

Comments the band: “Evneveik is a message to those who try to use acts of terror as a dumb excuse to spread racism and intolerance. Fighting hate with more hate doesn’t solve anything, it only creates more hate. In tough times we need to show each other compassion, and we need to fight hatred with love.”

Seemingly out of nowhere, the Trondheim based Norwegian six shooter Agabas, all wrapped in colorful, flowery shirts, face-kicked their way into the metal scene with their gut-punching jazz-fused heaviness. Since then, Agabas have created an ecstatic havoc on the Norwegian live scene, which is both physically and emotionally evident to all its witnesses.

In spite of their fairly short resume, Agabas have coined the term «deatjjazz» – an unforgiving fusion of the most intense and sporadic elements of the jazz world and the sheer weight of all that is metal. The most obvious unorthodoxy of their sound is the saxophone, dancing across the sea of riffs and blast beats, creating a unique expression.

«Evneveik» is their first singel from their upcoming debut full length «A Hate Supreme». To be released via Vinter Records on September 16.


Sondre Sørensen Brønstad – Vocals
Oskar Myrseth – Guitar
Jarand Aga Baas – Guitar
Alexander Dellerhagen – Saxophone
Johan Jamtfall – Bass
Bjørn Syverinsen – Drums

The album is produced and mixed by the band’s guitarist Oskar Myrseth at Piir Studio in Trondheim. The gang is planning a norwegian tour in september to celebrate the release, with a couple of dates confirmed already.

15. September – Trondheim, Lokal Scene
29. September – Bergen, Hulen

Photo Credit: Ole Martin Andreassen


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