BRUECKEN – Innere Unruhen

Releaese Date: March 25, 2022
Label: Moment Of Collapse Records (CD/LP/Digital)

photo credit: Claudius Mertins

BRUECKEN is an Oldenburg based band from northern germany, playing atmoshperic, but energetic instrumental music. On their sophomore record BRUECKEN offer a multi-faceted sound ranging from exploding walls of heavy guitars to calm and thoughtful moments of fragile beauty.

BRUECKEN play atmospheric instrumental music. An unorthodox but fluent mixture of different influences from hardcore to shoegaze, that challenges the well-known and established post-rock-formulas. Live as well as on record the band manages to craft an atmospheric as well emotionally intense experience for their listeners BRUECKEN started 2015 in Oldenburg in northern germany, writing songs in the vein of dark, atmospheric posthardcore.

Within two years the band managed to get themselves known within the scene through a first EP and some concerts. But multiple difficult events forced the band to take a break and re-orient themselves. They returned in 2019 with a new idea: presenting their own interpretation of post-rock, combining punk attitude and ethos with progressive and emotional aspirations. The band refined this approached and take the next step on their creative path with their new album „INNERE UNRUHEN“ written and recorded in the forced break of the corona years. 

“INNERE UNRUHEN” – a german phrase for „personal feelings of unease“ as well as „civil unrest“ – will be released in cooperation with Moment of Collapse Records end of march 2022. With its six extensive songs it is the observable result of a band, finding themselves. 

With care and thought BRUECKEN create a recognizable and diverse sound, that takes it‘s inspirations from all genres of atmospheric and heavy (guitar)-music and doesn‘t have to hide from genre-icons like IF THESE TREES COULD TALK or PG.LOST.

Listen to “Inne Unruhen” AT THIS LOCATION and find Order Options HERE. 

photo credit: Daniel Gollin

BRUECKEN from Oldenburg (Germany) play instrumental post-rock. They present their new album „INNERE UNRUHEN“ in March 2022. On their sophomore release BRUECKEN managed to create a multi-faceted signature sound, that draws its ink through different genres: an unorthodox but fluent version of atmospheric music, that challenges the genre defining borders of Post-Rock. With their carefully crafted concepts they offer an atmospheric and emotionally intense experience on record as well as in concert. BRUECKEN take the listener on a journey through desolate walls, rising tides, vanishing silhouttes and pitch-black darkness, just to leave them falling backwards and waking up again in front of a warm colored screen.

Watch the “Ataxie” Video At PRETTYINNOISE.DE HERE


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