BLODKVALT – Algor Mortis

Relase Date: November 18, 2022
Label: Fiysisk Format (LP/Digital)

First Single/Video “Decapitation” From Norwegian Black Metal Outfit Now Streaming; The Band’s Debut “Algor Mortis” Set For Release November 19th Through FYSISK FORMAT. Watch the beasty Video RIGHT HERE. and find all Digital Audio Options HERE.

The band says: “We are very happy sign with Fysisk Format and are really looking forward to releasing the album.”

photo credit: Mads Antonsen Gerzic

Blodkvalt gives you chaotic extreme metal played by the new generation of Oslo rockers. Inspired by the chaotic energy of early metal demos, with references from, among others, black metal, grindcore, punk and noise, the band delivers extreme metal with a primal and raw sound. As a cross between the band’s favorite genres within extreme music, with a high tempo and almost painful vocal and instrumental performances, the band clearly differs from other parts of the metal scene. The focus is on the visual and chaotic in the music, rather than on the theatrical and technical. Blodkvalt is a chaotic and icy cold breath on the Norwegian metal scene.

With Decapitation we get a chaotic song at the crossroads between thrash and black metal, and the theme ..? Death of course.

Decaptation is the first single from Blodkvalts upcoming debut album “Algor Mortis”. After seeing the band perform at by: larm, label manager in Fysisk Format, Eivind Imingen right way offered them to sign with the label.

As a B-side on the single, a live version of Rotting Flesh is also released.

Blodkvalt consists of Eskild Myrvoll (Mall Girl, Daufødt, Kanaan), Eirik Reithaug (Daufødt), Tibor Teskeredzic and Håkon Sakseide.

Please find the Single Artwork for “Decapitation” HERE.
and the photo in high-res HERE

Photo: Mads Antonsen Gerzić

Written by Eirik Reithaug and Tibor Teskeredzic
Lyrics by Tibor Teskeredzic

Håkon Sakseide – vocals
Eirik Reithaug – guitar
Eskild Myrvoll – bass
Tibor Teskeredzic – drums

Recorded in Freezing Hell Studios
Mix by Tibor Teskeredzic
Master by Lasse Marhaug

Cover: Annika Linn Verdal Homme
Logo: Snorre Log Skage


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