CRYPTS – Necropolis EP

Relase Date: July 7th, 2023
Label: This Charming Man Records (CD/LP/Digital)

CRYPTS: New Track ‘Necropolis’ From German Oldschool Death Metal Gang Streaming; ‘Necropolis’ EP Set For Release This Summer Through THIS CHARMING MAN RECORDS. Listen To the new Track ‘Necropolis’ RIGHT HERE. FFO: Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, Hail of Bullets, Morgoth, Entombed, Dismember, Obituary, Benediction. PREORDER HERE (500 Lps (120x blau transparent / 380x black),

Four ultra heavy brand new steamroller deathmetal tracks come rolling out of Münsterland to leave no survivors behind. With the new songs, CRYPTS top the good production of the first longplayer “Coven of the Dead” once again and saw through the contemporary high bar of modern death with merciless precision to then cement their own Boltthrower memory plank. No Mercy, no Prisoners, no Deathmetal-Mayhem without CRYPTS!

some “Coven of the Dead” press:

“(…) it’s a physically compulsive mid-paced bulldozer whose skull-busting drumwork, gut-slugging bass lines, and jolting riffage will give your neck an excellent workout.”No Clean Singing“Melody, subtlety, rest—topics for another day. Without pause and without hesitation, the German death metallers’ new album Coven of the Dead hurls listeners into bloody, unending chaos. This is the death metal of the soon-to-be-dead.” Invisible Oranges

“Out of nowhere, the Münster-based CRYPTS kick their debut “Coven of the Dead” into the world and throw us straight back 30 years, when death metal was still really fresh and produced a whole arsenal of genre classics. CRYPTS dig deep into the gems of that time and for a rough localisation of this album, names like BENEDICTION, BOLT THROWER, MORGOTH or AUTOPSY can definitely be mentioned.”

“It’s a real feast how the guys (with the illustrious stage names L. Gore, F.ortex, Deat & F.rantic) lumber through the seven songs in 33 minutes.” Vampster

“Crypts offer Scandinavian-influenced old school death metal with a great sound and powerful vocals. At the same time, they always incorporate their own ideas. The band does not shy away from atmospheric parts. Influences from bands like Autopsy, Morgoth or Aspyhx can also be heard. Old school death metal, the way it should sound.”Time For Metal

“The majority of death metal devotees, however, should take “Coven Of The Dead” to their rotting hearts on the first listen.”

“A strong performance by a still young band that will undoubtedly be well received.” OX Fanzine

“Raw and especially inspired death metal that gets everything moving.” World Of Metal (PT)

“Old school death metal down to the last pore and far outstanding from the bunch of soulless Benediction clones.” Trust

+++ German Info: Vier ultra schwere nagelneue Dampfwalzen Deathmetal-Tracks kommen aus dem Münsterland gerollt, um keine Überlebenden zu hinterlassen. Mit den neuen Songs toppen CRYPTS nochmal die gute Produktion des ersten Longplayers „Coven of the Dead“ und zersägen mit unbarmherziger Präzision die zeitgenössische hohe Latte des modernen Death um alsdann ihre eigene Boltthrower-Gedächtnis Bohle zu zementieren. No Mercy, no Prisoners, no Deathmetal-Mayhem ohne CRYPTS!


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