DAMOKLES – Nights Come Alive

Release Date: April 1, 2022
Label: Vinter Records (CD/Digital)

photo credit: Damokles

Debut Full-Length “Nights Come Alive” From Oslo Based Indie/Post-Hardcore Gang DAMOKLES Now Streaming. Album Out Through VINTER RECORDS. Listen to “Nights Come Alive” in its Entirety RIGHT HERE (YouTube).

Comments the band: “The end times are potentially right around the corner, so why not throw a hellbent party while waiting for judgement to drop?”

Damokles, based in Oslo, Norway, was founded during the autumn of 2019, and has since its inception had a seemingly manic songwriting energy. Six critically acclaimed singles with accompanying music videos have already been released, as well as a cover of the Depeche Mode hit “Never Let Me Down Again”. The debut album is due out on Vinter Records in 2022, the band is now working on their 2nd album. Damokles aren’t very concerned with genre rules, but the main sources of inspiration stems from emotional 90s post-hardcore and related indie rock, mixed with dystopian 80s post-punk. The music is performed with a ferocious intensity, with equal focus given to toxic hooks and creative madness. Damokles consists of veterans from the Oslo underground, bands such as This Sect, Kite, Dunderbeist, Endtimers, Contrarian, Melkeveien, etc.  

photo credit: Damokles

In case you missed it watch the band’s video for the track “Carry Or Crush” at IDIOTEQ.COM At This Location. 

Listen to the band’s cover version of The Cure’s “A Forest” (Non Album Track) below.

Damokles is:
Kristian Liljan
Ronny Flissundet
Gøran Karlsvik
Fredrik Ryberg
John Birkeland


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