Release Date: January 26, 2024
Label: Season Of Mist (LP/CD/Digital)

EXOCRINE: WATCH/SHARE New Video From Bordeaux Based Technical DEATH METAL Band;  New Full-Length Opus ‘Legend’ Set For Release on January 26 via SEASON OF MIST; WATCH/SHARE  Video for the Track ‘Legend’ RIGHT HERE; FFO: Beyond Creation, Gorod, Obscura, Archspire  

EXOCRINE have been blending ultra technical and extraordinarily rapid death metal with philosophical musings for quite some time now. The French band released their first album back in 2015. But their new album marks a new chapter. While still choked-full of eerie, dissonant finger-taps and enough blast beats to blow out your eardrums, ‘Legend’ rages from within.

“We see ‘Legend’ as a reflection of our existence, of what we create, and what we wish to leave of ourselves in the end”, says lead guitarist Sylvain Octor Perez. “It’s this Dante-like confrontation between these three characters in complete opposition, combined with questions about the lessons of the past and our place in the universe.That’s why we wanted to create a more intimate atmosphere with a more organic production, and return to calmer tempos at times.”

Today, Exocrine are releasing the chilling video for the album’s title track.

“Legend is a new chapter for Exocrine and we’re eager to introduce you to it. It’s probably the album we’re most proud of, it’s also our most personal one”, says Sylvain. “It’s a more ‘airy’ album, allowing the cinematic side of our music to express itself more fully. But we’re staying true to what defines us, going as fast as ever and trying to reinvent ourselves in terms of the technical aspects of our style.”

Legend comes out January 26, 2024.

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Video credits
Accessories: Sieriek Bouten
Camera: Benoit Laporta
Make-up: Marine Fassot
Actress: Alban Ldl

1. Presage (1:26)
2. Legend (3:55) [WATCH VIDEO]
3. Life (3:56)
4. Eidolon (3:21)
5. The Altar Of War (4:36)
6. Dust In The Naught (3:52)
7. Warlock (3:25)
8. Dragon (4:15)
9. The Oath (3:46)
10. By The Light Of The Pyre (6:19)
11. Cryogenisation (Bonus Track) (4:49)
Total: 43:30

Style: Technical death metal
FFO: Beyond Creation, Gorod, Obscura, Archspire            

Born from the depths of Bordeaux, France, EXOCRINE is a technical death metal juggernaut, a force that has redefined the very essence of the genre. Founded by the guitar-virtuoso Sylvain Octor-Perez, alongside the formidable talents of Nicolas La Rosa and Jordy Besse, this trio embarked on their relentless journey in 2013, marking the inception of a musical saga that would leave an indelible mark on the world of extreme music.

EXOCRINE‘s debut album, ‘Unreal Existence,’ unleashed in 2015, was nothing short of a revelation. It showcased the band’s audacious creativity, instantly distinguishing them within the technical death metal scene. With labyrinthine compositions, ferocious riffs, and relentless drumming, EXOCRINE‘s music delved into uncharted territories of sonic complexity.

In the years that followed, EXOCRINE solidified their signature sound, with albums such as ‘Ascension’ in 2017 and ‘Molten Giant’ in 2018, upon the latter release, Théo Gendron joined as a new member – forming the current-standing quartet of musicians. These releases cemented their reputation as pioneers of the genre, pushing the boundaries of what technical death metal could achieve. The band’s compositions are like sonic mazes, constantly evolving, keeping listeners captivated at every twist and turn.

Their 2022 release, ‘The Hybrid Suns,’ was yet another testament to their musical prowess. It demonstrated their unyielding commitment to pushing the envelope and exploring new realms of technical complexity.

Now, as the anticipation reaches a fever pitch, EXOCRINE is poised to release their next full-length opus, ‘Legend.’ This forthcoming masterpiece promises to be an epic chapter in their already storied career, destined to secure their place as legends within the hallowed halls of technical death metal.

EXOCRINE are architects of sonic transcendence, explorers of the uncharted, and pioneers of the unimaginable. With each release, they redefine the limits of technical death metal, and ‘Legend’ is poised to be their most audacious and groundbreaking endeavour yet, a true testament to their status as legends in the making.          

Sylvain Octor Perez: Lead Guitars
Nicolas La Rosa: Guitars
Jordy Besse: Bass, Vocals
Theo Gendron: Drums

Recording Studio:
Triceraprod Studio

Sound, mixing & Mastering Engineer:
Sylvain Octor Perez

Sébastien J. Gamez

Cover art:
Armaada Art

Available Formats:
Digital Download
CD Digipak
12″ Black Vinyl Gatefold
12″ Clear Translucent – Coloured Vinyl Gatefold
12″ Aqua Deep – Coloured Vinyl Gatefold        

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