FLESIA – Essenz EP

Relase Date: July 12, 2022
Label: Digital (Digital)

Quote: “New ideas were born right after the T R O S T LP release and found their way into these songs naturally. We visited the lovely Heartware Studios in late April of this year. F L E S I A got even darker and noisier, more metal is woven into and it feels like the right direction this mixture of bass, drums and vocals flows towards.”

Under the mighty roar of fatally melodic and gruellingly dissonant black metal, the Leipzig trio Flesia sees the darkness of the world.

The instrumentation, reduced exclusively to bass and drums, creates violently rearing acoustic walls and pulsating song structures – mostly lapsing into frenzy, but occasionally bursting into deeply painful resignation, but always consistently behind a unique backdrop of the brutal collapse of being.

Due to the broad amp repertoire, the bass scratches, bites, seethes and eats into the synapses with an almost unbelievably broad sound spectrum, always driven by relentless, mostly blasting drums.

This musical doomsday rage is completed by ranting, screaming and manically whispering vocals, which express a devastating, retributive view of power, consumption and human existence.

photo credit: Max Deckwerth


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