Release Date: February 4, 2022
Label: [PIAS] Recordings

Belgian Metal/HC Band KILLTHELOGO With Former Members Of FACEDOWN and .CALIBRE Releases “Taxes” Video; “Reset” Debut Album Out Through [PIAS] Recordings. Watch The Video Right Here.

Comments the band: “Officially, we are all called upon by the treasury to invest in the common needs of our society. But some have become highly proficient in evading that responsibility. The biggest earners contribute close to nothing, leaving the weakest shoulders to bear the heaviest loads. Spineless and/or corrupt tax collectors exclusively target the smaller companies and natural persons to amass the bulk of revenues. The coffers are filled by the bleeding little man while the high rollers have erected impenetrable legal arguments, sinister shell companies and tax haven off-shore accounts to safely shelter their hoard. In the spirit of the separation of powers, we would like to know exactly ‘who’ contributes what? What is that money spent on? How intimate is the relationship between the financial world and our government officials? The linchpin resides in the lack of verification and true accountability of government. They are unchecked in their servitude to the economical masters.”

It’s been almost 20 years…
This is not a reunion, it is a powerful sequel. This new outfithas taken all that motivation and vision they had with .calibre, back in 2001, and applied it to today’s world. And what an angry and polarised world it has become. The bandaims to unite and inspire new and older generations with a new sense of community. It’s a growing and gentle force against the pressures of the power-whores.

With two original .calibre members and a few impressive additions to the line-up, killthelogobrings you new songs and ideas, but also some nostalgic flash-backs to the late 90ies and early 2000 vibes. Both on and off stage.

About the music
killthelogodabbles in the frequencies of vital anger and decisive revolt. That is why this music needs to be loud and aggressive. But it also has to be precise, effective, compelling and accessible. Catchy grooves are as important as high-gain volume. With this band, people will understand from the first note, that they are hearing something inescapable and necessary.

Growing up in the 90’s, all members in killthelogo were exposed to bands that showed clear examples of music with extreme dynamics and infectious energy: Rage Against The Machine, Tool, Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, System of a Down, Nirvana, … These were all defining bands that addressed important personal, social and political issues, with a sound that greatly amplified what they were saying in the lyrics. killthelogowent to school on all of that and made their own rendition.

There isa deliberate outspoken and physical energy to the band’s sound, visual language and live performances. You may turn up just to hear the music, but you could leave with a few bruises and a wake-up call. The band is all about intensifying and galvanising life.

Mission = continuity

killthelogo is a long term project on consumer disobedience & social activism. In the full spirit of its predecessor .calibre, they seek to help translate the drivers of social and political change to the larger public. As a branch in the wide scope of artistic expression, the project wants to be an extra and loud voice in the social debate and the ‘separation of powers’ that safeguard the balance in society.

“The people in killthelogo are just like you, greatly flawed and imperfect. And we are not asking for perfection from anyone. We just hope to rekindle your sense of participation and community. Because that is what the people on those top floors fear most: us, talking to and actually understanding each other. We are you, as much as you are this loud and urgent voice! And we are not ashamed to say that we need you.”

Listen to The Track “BuyMore Sh!t” Here  and watch the video below.

Vocals: Daniel Mies
ex: facedown, .calibre – current: cyclus, (a school of) quiet
Guitar: Niko Poortmans
ex: facedown, .calibre – current: (a school of) quiet
Guitar: Sven Leyemberg
ex: minus 45 degrees, one million seats – current: cyclus
Bass: Herwig Scheck
ex: (a school of) quiet, concrete, peter evrard
Drums: Jonas Sanders
ex: dark sensations, angel crew – current: pro-pain, emptiness


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