MOE – The Crone

Release Date: March 11, 2022
Label: Vinter Records (LP/Digital)

photo credit: Greg Popes

Hailing from the outskirts of Oslo, the prolific avant-garde machinery that is MoE have for years toured the corners of the world continuously with their uncompromising take on noise infused experimental sludge. Those who have witnessed them as either a two piece, a three piece, as theater composers or as Årabrot’s backing band, know that MoE surpasses all expectations, leaving their audiences completely overthrown. MoE’s next full length titled The Crone is set for release March 11th, 2022 on Vinter Records and is their by far most ambitious album to date. The riffs never let go, while the haunting vibe encompasses your mind completely. MoE is a relentless force of nature, playing a unique form of avant-gardish sludge . with deep, thoughtful lyrics delivered like no-one else by Guro S. Moe, a women of sheer power – deeply in touch with her inner self and surroundings. Please find Order Options HERE

INVISIBLE ORANGES Premieres “The Crone” Full-Length From Norwegian Avantgarde Sludge Duo; The Band’s Fourth Album Sees Release Tomorrow, March 11th Through Oslo Based VINTER RECORDS. Listen To “The Crone” in its Entirety At INVISIBLE ORANGES HERE.

Watch the band’s latest videos below.

The Exhibition “MoE – we who loved chaos” at Norway’s National Museum of Popular Music Opened its Doors in Late January 2022. An Exhibition About the Band MoE, the Do-It-Yourself Culture and Encounters Between People in a Changing World. Please Find More Information At This Location.


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