NEORITE – Banner Of Defeat

Release Date: June 24, 2022
Label: This Charming Man Records (CD/LP/ Digital)

photo credit: Christina Peter

On their sophomore album “Banner of Defeat” Neorite offer their heaviest and bleakest side so far and just hereby find their very own and distinctive style of metal.

Equipped with the punch of classic Sepultura and a sense for sinister melodies of the deadly kind as with Dissection and Death, the clean vocals are towering above it all, sometimes emotional as Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost), sometimes vigorous as Tom G. Warrior (Celtic Frost).

Though being marginalized here in favor of a crushing heaviness, the alt rock influences of the debut album merge in partly complex song structures and provide them with a catchiness hard to elude.

On “Banner of Defeat”, Neorite create their own epic and dark version of doom-infested thrash metal, never daunted by genre barriers.

INVISIBLE ORANGES Premieres “Never Return Nowhere” Video From German Based Metal Gang; Sophomore Full-Length “Banner Of Defeat” Set For Release June 26th Through THIS CHARMING MAN RECORDS. Watch the Band’s Brand News Video Exclusively at INVISIBLE ORANGES RIGHT HERE!

“Banner of Defeat doesn’t need a snappy label to kick ass. It simply does, existing in a space where unrelenting riffs are the primary concern, delivered with red-hot energy and backed by a meaty rhythm section.”INVISIBLE ORANGES

Comments the band: “The song “Never Return Nowhere” deals with forced situations in which fear becomes more and more overwhelming but the threat just cannot be escaped, so you have to deal with it somehow. This happens for instance with both soldiers and civilians during military conflicts and is often extended in their aftermath, in the form of trauma or PTSD, from which you literally “never return” or “return nowhere”. Written years ago, the shit the song is about sadly once more became a bitter reality in the recent months. Fight war, not wars!”

photo credit: Christina Peter

+++ German: Auf ihrem Zweitalbum “Banner Of Defeat” zeigen sich Neorite von ihrer bisher härtesten und düstersten Seite und finden so einen ureigenen, unverwechselbaren Metal-Stil.

Ausgestattet mit dem Punch klassischer Sepultura und einem Gespür für sinistere Melodien der tödlichen Art a la Dissection und Death, ragt über allem der cleane Gesang, mal emotional wie Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost), mal kraftvoll wie Tom G. Warrior (Celtic Frost).

Die Alternative-Einflüsse des Debüts werden hier zugunsten einer erdrückenden Heaviness an den Rand verwiesen, gehen jedoch in den teils komplexen Songstrukturen auf und verleihen Ihnen eine Eingängigkeit, der man sich nur schwer entziehen kann.

Neorite kreieren auf “Banner Of Defeat” ihre eigene episch-düstere Version des Thrash Metal mit Doom-Elementen und lassen sich von Genre-Schranken nicht entmutigen.


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