PIL & BUE – Special Agents

Relase Date: February 24, 2023
Label: Indie Recordings (LP/CD/Digital)

Fourth Full-Length ‘Special Agents’ OUT NOW via INDIE RECORDINGS. In Case You Missed it Check Out the latest Single/Video for ‘Change Your Mind’ Right Here and Listen to “Special Agents in its Entirety via THIS LINK.FFO: Coheed And Cambria, Mars Volta, Long Distance Calling, QOTSA, Mew, Deftones,…

photo credit: Carl Christian Lein Størmer

Pil & Bue are a fierce duo from the very North.

With one of the best vocalists from Norway, Petter Carlsen, on vocals and guitar, and Gøran Johansen slaying the drums, they are an explosion of hard rock.

Now the vigorous and resolute band, that has been touring consistently since the release of The World is a Rabbit Hole, is ready to release even more music!

“On their fourth album, the Norwegian duo again throws around influences that make a precise classification almost impossible. This is clearly to be understood as praise.”Visions (DE)

“Fans of the alternative rock/metal genre will find plenty to appreciate, but even those who enjoy diverse acts such as The Pineapple Thief, Mastodon, and Sigur Rós should not overlook this album.” The Metal Observer (US/UK) 

“A well-balanced album with a joy of playing, rock ‘n’ roll know-how and the art of the surprising blow.” Pretty In Noise (DE)

“An eternal insider tip is back with a vengeance: Pil & Bue have been unpacking exciting rock records between alternative, prog and art since 2014, as rousing as they are playful.”Beatblogger (DE) 

“This is undoubtedly one of the most talented alternative rock bands coming from Scandinavia.”World Of Metal (PT)

“Pil & Bue is a powerful duo from the deepest caverns of Northern Norway that, despite its minimal size, sounds like a full band.” Amped Up (BE) 

“They expand their self-created universe.”
Norway Rock (NO) 

“The Norwegians play on atmospheres, aim to create moments, and one can feel that subtle narrative and emotional tension in the songs that often seem to be less songs in the classic sense of the word, yet inevitably attentive to detail.” Metalhead (IT)
“(…) we have thirty-seven minutes of raw and at the same time neat music that transmits joy, sadness, rage, hope… and above all, energy in abundance.” Rock For Spain (ES)“One thing is for sure, their new album, it radiates freshness, contains very powerful riffs, very nice drums, an amazing voice, (…)” Greek Rebels (GR)

“Raw, energetic and atmospheric or simply put Pil & Bue meet all the criteria with their new album Special Agents, dedicated to the “everyday heroes” of our society.” My Revelations (DE)

photo credit: Carl Christian Lein Størmer

ABOUT PIL & BUE With subtle, but pronounced references to artists like Placebo, Deftones, Sigur Rós, Anathema and Mars Volta, Pil & Bue delivers “Hard, gloomy & joyful music…” (Metal Hammer NO) based on topics like memories, childhood aspirations, use of imagination, video games, and the intriguing online rabbit holes.

The band´s raw and melodic music quickly struck a note with Hollywood director Tommy Wirkola who included the Pil & Bue single “You Win Again” in his now cult-status movie “Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival January 2014.

Also, their single “Fire” from their second album “Forget the Past, Let’s Worry About The Future” is featured on the end credits of Hollywood/Netflix blockbuster “What Happened To Monday” (2017).

Pil&Bue released their acclaimed third album The World is a Rabbit Hole in September 2021, an album which got rave reviews: 6/6 Scream Magazine (NO), 5/5 Metal´art (FR), 5/6 Norway Rock Magazine, 5 Altaposten, 7/10 Metalhammer UK and 11/15 from  betreutesproggen.de.

PIL & BUE consist of:
Petter Carlsen
Gøran Johansen

Push Start Button, ‎2014
Forget the Past, Lets Worry about the Future, 2016
The World Is a Rabbit Hole, 2021

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