Relase Date: September 19, 2022
Label: Fysisk Format (Digital)

‘Glacious’ EP From Norwegian Atmospheric Post-Metal Gang Out Today Through FYSISK FORMAT. Listen To  The EP in its ENTIRETY at PRETTYINNOISE RIGHT HERE.

photo credit: Sundrowned

Hailing from the rainy coastal town of Haugesund in Norway, Sundrowned in 2021 released their debut album “Become Ethereal” through Fysisk Format. That lead to Brooklyn Vegan saying: “Once you click play, it’s hard to turn it off.” Now they are ready to release the EP “Glacious” with unreleased songs from the same session!

The band says: “The EP explores the last journey of life as your being transcends from the corporeal to the spiritual. Where the promise of something greater fades into abstraction and how when the body dies the soul becomes one with the wind.”

With a deeper focus on dense atmosphere and melancholic melodies than riffs Sundrowned bring forth associations to acts like Alcest and Rosetta. Primarily a solo project by Jone Amundsen Piscopo, he is joined by Leif Martin Tjøsvoll, Gabriel Innocent and Markus Jakobsen live and in the studio. On the title song Glacious you can also hear cello from Anders Sørvik. Choosing to go for a very drum and bass heavy production was collectively decided upon as a counterweight to the more floaty and dreamy guitars, making sure that the songs would still possess the punch to hold ground amongst its peers in the metal genres. Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise, Sleep, Nails) of Audioseige mastered the album managing to maintain clarity and distinction between every single note despite its reverb heavy sound.

Jone says about the songs: “Glacious and Blood are two of the first songs that were completed during the Sundrowned project and Levitating one of the last before the record. The songs will be the last ones in our “blue era”, so they stay somewhat in the same thematic landscape as them.”

All songs written by Jone Amundsen Piscopo

Sundrowned is
Jone Amundsen Piscopo
Gabriel Innocent
Markus Jakobsen
Leif Martin Tjøsvoll

Bass on all recordings by Aron Óttar Eggertsson
Cello on Glacious by Anders Sørvik

Recorded and mixed by Ørjan Kristoffersen Lund (NAG, Avast, Agenda) in studio Brige Burner Recording, Stavanger
Produced by Jone Amundsen Piscopo and Ørjan Kristoffersen Lund
Master by Brad Boatright

Photo by Sundronwned. High Res HERE
Artwork drawn by Bernhard Østebø
Graphic design by Eivind André ImingenReviews “Become Ethereal”:

“Once you click play, it’s hard to turn it off.” –Brooklyn Vegan

“Become Ethereal is a beautiful, melancholic, yet atmospheric and driving piece of musical art. In every song, you can feel the heart blood and passion. And this is what transforms music into emotion.” – 8/10 – Blessed Altar Zine

“It certainly caught me by surprise with how fully formed and expansive the sound already was on album number one, and I’ll be keeping an eye on what Piscopo and company do in the future.” – 9/10Metal Trenches

“Dense and divine, Become Ethereal by Sundrowned is a debut that just screams to be heard.” – Rock and roll fables

“Become Ethereal is a debut to remember and one that’s filled with passion and hope. Listening to this album transcends your soul to a better place and lets you forget your troubles as they just float away with each beauteous and carefully thought-out note, and by the time the reflective and almost triumphant outro to ‘O Dom Da Fé’ plays out you will be fixed.” 
– Echoes And Dust


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